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We’re thrilled that American poet and author Kellie Elmore has made her home on the web. A Southerner at heart, Kellie grew up in a small town and is inspired by love and loss, nature, and „the humble surroundings of her backyard” of Southeast Tennessee. 

Kellie’s debut collection of poetry and prose, Magic in the Backyard, has been nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize, and her new book, Jagged Little Pieces, will be released this Wednesday. 

We talked to Kellie about her new book, her site design, and why she chose for her official website.

Can you tell us about Jagged Little Pieces?

Sure! Jagged Little Pieces is my second collection of prose and poetry following my first, Magic in the Backyard,from Winter Goose Publishing. It will be released in paperback on March 20, and the ebook will be available on…

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