Science or Fiction?

Bardzo ciekawe byłoby, gdyby okazały się fikcją inne prawdy niekoniecznie „naukowe” lecz masowe – co wtedy? jak funkcjonowała by władza gdyby ludzie zrozumieli istotę panowania, religii, gospodarki etc.

What's inside the Proton?

The book „Science or Fiction? The phony side of particle physics” is a popular science book that tries to explain many of the things that particle physicists prefer not to know.

Back cover text
Countries across the globe invest tens of billions in particle physics, which relies on the Standard Model. This model is styled by its proponents as “the most accurate theory in history, in any field.”

This book presents a long series of failures found with the theory: its inability to explain basic phenomena known since the 1930s; its prediction of particles and materials that have refused to be uncovered even in lunar rocks; the growing recognition that basic assumptions underlying the model are incorrect; and more.

This is the first time these well-documented data have been compiled in a simple and coherent fashion, allowing science enthusiasts to understand the scientific failures and the sociological reasons for scientists’…

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